Cute-as-a-button flower girl scared to walk down aisle, crowd in hysterics when groomsman saves the day

Weddings…….we’ve all been to them, and we all know just how much fun they can be. What is supposed to be one of the best days in your life can take some interesting twists and turns just when you least expect it. You know what I mean, the planned out-door ceremony that has to be quickly re-arranged when Mother Nature decides to open the heavens five minutes before the wedding is about to begin. Or the bridal parties’ car getting a flat tyre on the way to the church. All sorts of things can happen to make the day just a little more stressful than it already is.

I once saw a clip on YouTube where the groomsman at a lovely wedding had a slight wardrobe malfunction, in fact his trousers fell down mid-vows. This made things very difficult for the minister, as everyone attending fell into fits of laughter. Even the bride and groom couldn’t keep it together. I think it was one of the funniest saying of the all-important vows that I have ever seen.

We all know that it takes months and months of planning to get everything just right for your special day. The brides dress must be ordered and made, then there are the fitting schedules so that everything fits just how it should for that life changing walk down the aisle. The bridesmaids outfits have to be chosen, the groom’s suit has to be tailored and the groomsmen have to be fitted for their tuxes. Then the flowers have to be just right, the rings have to be bought and fitted…………oh the list just goes on-and-on.

I dint think that I have ever been to a wedding where everything runs smoothly, but surely that is half the fun of it. Even though we hope that all goes well on the oh-so-special-day if it doesn’t it still gives you a lifetime supply of little stories and memories that you will share with your family and friends for many years to come. We all have our own “Uncle Ernie” stories to tell, you know, the story of the relative who may have had one-to-many at the reception. I remember my brother’s wedding, the reception was on the third floor of a building so the elevator was an essential part of the plan. His best man took the lift with one of the bridesmaids’ then, unfortunately it stopped between floors. There was a mad panic, but as it turned out the STOP button was somehow pushed leaving them to their own devices for five or so minutes……if you know what I mean.

The clip below features a very cute little flower girl at a wedding that seems to be having trouble with the direction that she needs to go in, that is until her dad comes to the rescue. Click on the link below and watch this oh-so-cute little angel making everyone’s day just a little more special.