Cute baby asked by dad how he slept, internet swooning over his hysterical answer

Childbirth and the months leading up to it is one of the most special times of our lives. The feeling of absolute joy and happiness when you first receive the news that you are going to be a parent cannot be beaten.

The anticipation of the birth, and what is to follow leaves you breathless. Do you remember the first doctor’s appointment where you had the first ultrasound, and for the first time you saw your baby’s heart beating? Nothing can explain what emotions come flowing through when you realize that this is not a dream, but that you are having a baby.

The next few months seem to drag on and on; it appeared the three months had passed so quickly, then the next five lasted forever. Suddenly you realize that the pregnancy is now into its last month, so you had better start to get ready for the arrival of that precious little package.

For the majority, the actual date as probably going to be a huge surprise, you can’t hurry nature, can you? You try to live your life as frequently as possible, even with the knowledge that at any day you could be heading into a birthing suite bringing a new life into the world.

The day finally arrives, and like any expectant parent, you are nervous, if it is your first time you are not sure quite what to expect, you should have listened more closely at the anti-natal classes shouldn’t have you? Well, too late for that now, the time is upon you, and you have to deal with it as best as you can. The doctor arrives and asks how you are feeling, by this stage you’re starting to build up a sweat as the anticipation of the birth hits you.

The midwife comes in and greets you with a huge smile then reassures you that everything is going to be okay. That’s easy for her to say, you think to yourself, she’s not the one about to give birth, then the labor process begins… all of a sudden all the attention is on your wife!

I know I shouldn’t joke about the subject after all the miracle of childbirth is something that amazes me every day. How two people can create a new life is indeed something that should never be taken for granted, as there are some people out there that will never know the joy of giving birth and having a family.

In the video below you get to meet baby Oliver. Oliver had been asleep, and his proud dad has been capturing his every move on his mobile phone. You can’t help but wonder what babies are dreaming of when you see the expressions changing on their tiny faces as they toss and turn in their sleep. Little Oliver finally wakes up, and dad asks him how he slept. His response will have you smiling all day.

Cute baby asked by dad how he slept, internet swooning over his hysterical answer