This precious kitty shows so much patience and love to his new little human brother

Every time parents bring a baby home, they show great concern about how their pets will react to the arrival of the new family member.

Many of them are frightened and do not want their babies to be in contact with their animals, because they are afraid of being hurt. But this is not the case, this cute adopted kitten fell in love with his little brother from the first second he saw him.

Cats and pets in general have an incredible way to show love for their family.   But in this case, cats are simply amazing, being the perfect pet for this family and their new member. 

And this is very clear to see in this situation. All that this kitten wants is to give a lot of love and take care of his younger brother, cuddling and snuggling each time he has a chance.

Lemsie, as this cute cat is called, runs alongside his little brother every time he makes a sound or cries. Sometimes they play together and incredibly the cat, let your little brother think he has won the game. This is definitely the sweetest, most loving and affectionate cat we have seen to this day, and all his love shares it with his human brother.

They play together now, they spend many hours together and they would go to bed together if they had some chance!  They spend hours together and their parents are sure now that this love and harmony will never end.  This friendship is priceless.

We can assure you that this cute cat and this beautiful baby brother will be best friends for many many years from now on. We are sure that Lemsie will always protect him and will take care of him against some dangers also.

Watch the baby and cat video and enjoy of this amazing experience of brotherhood!  Leave us your comment and tell us what you think about the video.

This precious kitty shows so much patience and love to his new little human brother