Cute Dog Races Across A Big Open Field With His Donkey Friend, And It’s Just Adorable!

As we all probably know by now, dogs are considered the best friend a person can ever have. They mostly obey what their human friend commands, and they’ll always stand and sit by our side through thick and thin, without any hesitation or bad attitudes. Truly, they are one of the most wonderful animal species that has ever set foot on this Earth. And their amazing friendliness isn’t exclusive to humans, either! We’ve shown you many videos that prove that dogs are amazing friends for any species, and if you haven’t watched them yet, fear not, because the video below is more than enough to show you!

The following video shows us a very jolly pup who is seen running through a very big and green open area. He’s not all by himself, and in fact he is accompanied by a very close friend. But it’s not another dog, and it isn’t a human or a horse either, but a cute little donkey! His name is Easter, and even though he’s definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a pet, he definitely shows his cute side when he races his doggy friend down the prairie.

You must not miss this adorable moment, it’s right below!

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