Valais Black-Nosed Sheep is Extraordinarily Cute

Meet Arthur, a beautiful Valais Blacknose sheep. Arthur is probably the cutest sheep you’ve ever seen.

Valais Blacknose sheep originate in Switzerland and are characterized by the black wool that they have on their faces at their nose and their incredible horns. How beautiful is Arthur walking around? His marks on his legs at the knee joints are adorable.


A Valais Blacknose will be very placid and will be easily trained, making the perfect pet. Their wool is highly sought after for felting and carpets. They are also incredibly large, so you will need a bit of space for these guys.

Also, isn’t it odd that you can’t really see Arthur’s eyes due to his wool? His horns are absolutely magnificent the way they bend and spiral outwards like that. Have you ever seen sheep as cute as Arthur?

Valais Black-Nosed Sheep is Extraordinarily Cute