When This Cute Kitten Hears The Song Uptown Funk, She Does Something Hilarious

The adorable kitten in the following video is named Wilma, and as you will see for yourself, Wilma is quite an amazing dancer! I know that certain animals are known for having a particular fondness for music, but I never imagined cats would be one of them too! I’ve seen dogs and horses dancing to the beat of the music, but never cats until I saw this clip.

Yeah, whoever has said that cats aren’t able to dance is completely mistaken. You shouldn’t have to look any further than Wilma’s amazing performance in the video below to find proof of it. She demonstrates that our feline friends are perfectly capable of rocking their bodies just as well as anybody else. I wasn’t sure I believed that cats could really dance to the beat of a certain song, but after seeing this video, I believe they can.

Wilma was rescued from the streets, and she’s now a foster kitty who has taught herself how to dance, and it’s no weird song either. Her favorite song for dancing is “Uptown Funk,” the hit song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. She’s always exhilarated and excited when the song is played. I mean, aren’t we all? I can’t sit still when it comes on the radio either. But she’s not shy at all to show all of her dancing skills to the whole world!

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