When their dad asks who made the huge mess on the floor, his Huskies start to argue

Families all over the world have brought Siberian Huskies into their homes. These pups were originally primarily used as sled dogs, working effortlessly in cold conditions with their thick coat of fur and unmatched energy levels. In addition to their loyalty and hard work, huskies are known for their beautiful eyes as well as their tendency to be incredibly vocal!

Nowadays, these dogs tend to cozy up in family homes rather than spend their days pulling sleds across the snow. Due to their energy, however, they can find themselves getting into trouble every once in a while. The dynamic duo featured below are extremely wild. These pups certainly don’t need a microphone to get their point across! You’re going to be cracking up when you hear these two going at it. Thankfully, their loving dad is a great sport and finds the humor in their noise levels.

Dubbed Phoenix and Dakota, one of these silly dogs made a gigantic mess in the house by shredding paper and leaving the scraps around. They weren’t about to let their dad know they were guilty, though. When he asked the pooches who did it, the pups began howling! Whether they were trying to take the blame away from themselves or defend one another, one can’t be sure, but one thing is for certain – these pups aren’t afraid to speak up!

These dogs are truly something else. There’s no doubt that they’re the entertainment of this household! It’s amazing how responsive these pups were. They knew exactly what their dad was asking them about, and they didn’t hesitate to say their piece! There are plenty of reasons that huskies make unique pets, but this is a prime example of how they can entertain you. Be sure to watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments! Then, share this story with your fellow dog lovers!