When dad put the dog on a swing, no one at all was expecting her to do this!

Share this adorable video with your friends and family on it will give them a great laugh and a huge smile, there is no way around it!? This is Sara and she is absolutely lovely and she was more than eager to comply when her owner wanted to know if she would get in the swing. Brace yourself for what happens next because it will amaze you.

Dad and Sara are out at their favorite local spot, and someone is there with a camera. When dad asks Sara if she wants to swing just watch what happens as she wants to be picked up and help in the way a toddler might do.  Now this is the part that is flooring people, Sara actually hangs on to the front of the swing just like a person!

What’s more about this video is notice that Sara has a huge smile on her face as she starts to enjoy the swinging. Sara loves to come to the park and go on the swings and of course is now knows as the “swinging dog.” Her owner states that this has been going on for over four years and that Sara goes bonkers every time she is invited to come along with the family to the park because she knows very well that that’s where they keep the swings!

Try your best not to laugh out loud, I bet you can’ t do it! After you fail please comment below and of course share this wonderful video clip.