Daddy Says ‘keep Your Eye On the Ball’ – and the Result is the Cutest

Kids say and do the funniest things and those things are all oddly sweet an innocent especially when they take things quite literally as you are about to see in this precious father and son video.

For kids, concepts like “literally” and “figuratively” are hard to grasp, but they do come up with some brilliant interpretations with their creative little noggins.

In this quite clip below from Imagur, you can see father and son together, participating in one of fatherhood’s most iconic moments: Dad teaching his son how to throw, how to catch, and how to hit the ball. Everybody knows the most important thing is to keep your eye on the ball.

You can see the boy listening and following Dad’s instructions very clearly. He’s nodding. He’s got this. No problem. Mom is recording this on her phone and everybody is waiting for the expected… but of course, that doesn’t happen. I won’t spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to watch the video.

The dad’s reaction is just as precious as the little one’s. I love how you can see the rapid succession of thoughts in the dad’s expression: “he is the smartest, cutest, uhhhh, funniest, omg, I love this little guy so much!” Of course, it’s the big hug at the end that makes this so special.

Now in defense of the little boy, you have to give the little guy points for following directions. You can see him stop and think about it for a second. “Keep your eye on the ball?” That sounds a bit crazy, but you’re the Dad.” What’s next? “Address the ball?” Well, ok if you say so: “Hello, ball!”

Every dad knows how that feels. It’s like your heart is going to explode in your chest from the fierceness and vastness of your love for your child. This video is getting tons of feedback from fathers, one who said, “From all of my knowledge of America’s funniest home videos, this video went much better than expected.” You be the judge. If you think so, too, please pass it along to your friends and give them a smile.

Daddy Says \'keep Your Eye On the Ball\' – and the Result is the Cutest