Daddy and Twin Daughters Strut Their Stuff in Newest Internet Dance Challenge

A Father And His Two Daughters Perform 'The Git Up Challenge'There’s no better way to brighten the day than to watch the original ‘Git Up Challenge.’ See how twin daughters are transformed into tiny cowboys pulling off the amazing viral dance to perfection. There’s no way that you can sit through this video without a smile, while at the same time enjoying the deep voice of Blanco Brown.

This challenge has spurred some of the most remarkable dance routines from people from all walks of life. This proud dad calls to the aid of his baby girls, Tessa and Emma, to prove their family’s “Git Up” skills. It’s one of the most fun, fresh renditions of this classic country rap around.

If you haven’t already been hit by this internet dance sensation, the ‘Git Up Challenge’ presents a funky track along with a dance that’s as much fun to do as the lyrics suggest. Don’t wait around and watch but rather get up and step up to the challenge yourself. The moves are easy enough for anyone to learn.

This song was inspired by memories of Blanco Brown’s grandmothers yelling to the household to wake up, shouting ‘Git Up!’ in an effort to get the kids outside, playful, and productive. The singer has created this challenge to ask us all to let go of our inhibitions, coming together with others to celebrate as a child would.

No matter how many times you see a submission for the ‘Git Up Challenge,’ each one manages to remain a unique example of someone having a good mood. After all, look at this performance to see how happy a barefoot dad and his babies can be thanks to this cheery tune, and it’s dance.

Blanco Brown ‘The Git Up’ is inspiring friends, families, coworkers, and even at times strangers, to stand together and have some fun. It’s the ideal way to take yourself back to when worries weren’t a factor. Take some time out, and start with listening to this track – it won’t be long before the dance challenge starts calling you too!

Daddy and Twin Daughters Strut Their Stuff in Newest Internet Dance Challenge