Daddy And Siberian Husky Pup Have Mock Argument. The Way The Pup Ends It Is SO FUNNY.

I always love playing with my cats. Well, as much as they’ll let me play with them. Sometimes they are all energetic and then other times they will glare at me as if they will slit me from head to toe if I even walk near them. There are also times that I will have ‘conversations’ with them – I’ll talk and they will meow at me. Don’t worry I don’t try to really translate what they are saying. Then there’s this cute video of a daddy and his pup.

The video shows DJ Aaron Dissell and his Siberian Husky puppy. They are both on a sofa and Dissell seems to be in a ‘rest and chill’ mood – he’s slumped down. The pup is resting his paws on his shoulder. They are engaged in a mock shouting match. Dissell is making it clear that he’s joking, his voice is an exaggeration of a yell and the puppy is far from fazed by it. It seems like each of them is intent on having the last word.

The puppy sometimes seems to be parroting what Dissell says. There are a couple of times when it sounds like he says, “No. You stop!” The two are clearly having fun with this faux argument. Of course, the pooch is just hearing “Blah blah blah blah (his name)!” Dogs can identify some words but largely everything comes across as white noise. Kind of like when a certain orange-skinned politician speaks – and the dog ends the argument like this guy would – by sticking his foot, er, paw in his mouth.

I wonder what would happen if I did this the next time I had an argument with my wife. “I did lower the toilet lid!” “No, you did not! Wait. Are you putting your foot in your mouth?” “Um…” “I married a four-year-old.” Then again, it might serve as an ice breaker for a future argument. “Be careful or I might put my foot in my mouth again!” “You always put your foot in your mouth…” “I meant literally!”

Even as silly as he was, I found this pup SO adorable. How about you? Have you had a cat or dog end an ‘argument’ in a silly way like this? Tell us your favorite stories in the comments section!

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