Dancer Brings Curious Crowd To Their Feet With ‘Impossible’ Dance

There are many forms of dance, including hip hop, ballet, tap, and more. They each have their respective music that goes along with the intricate moves. A hopeful 17-year-old showed off his flawless moves, and the crowd was enthralled.

The prestigious Prix de Lausanne was where a young man was about to perform a classic rendition of Ludwig Minkus’ 19th-century ballet, Paquita. World-renowned Marius Petipa choreographed the effortless dance.

The international dance competition has been going on for nearly 50 years. It takes place in February, and constants must be between 15 and 18 years old to perform. The 17-year-old dancer had been practicing for four years and was ready for his time to shine.

Getting on the stage in a gorgeous uniform, the crowd wasn’t ready for what they were about to see. As he moved, it looked as if he was weightless. After a perfect performance, the crowd stood to give a much-deserved standing ovation.

Dancer Brings Curious Crowd To Their Feet With \'Impossible\' Dance