Dancers Transform Into A Human Kaleidoscope With Amazing High Kick Routine

Emerald Belles High Kick Routine

The Emerald Belles stole the show at the Showmakers of America Dance Competition with their mesmerizing high kick routine. This Texas-born troupe shows off skills that can only be the product of thousands of hours of practice, choreography, creativity, & drive. As Carrol Senior High’s official dance team, the showing has become a local tradition and a point of pride.

This video covers their brilliantly arranged act for the Showmakers competition, but this troupe is no stranger to big crowds. They’ve won everything from state titles to international prizes, performing live across the world in places such as on cruise ships, and even at Disney Land itself.

Your attention will be fixed on their brilliant act inspired by Daft Punk and the movie ‘Tron’ as the inverted triangle begins to unfold into a visual adventure. The precision behind these girls’ movements is uncanny, hitting perfect synchronization with every move. Every performance since their rise to fame in season 14 of ‘AGT’ has over-delivered, wowing global audiences.

With no less than 76 high school dancers, the Emerald Belles hold academic standards that are equally as high as their high kicking training expertise. Maintaining these standards takes a great deal of dedication, involving practice both before and after school, and over weekends & holidays.

Fueled by a message of positivity and internal resolve, the group is eager to point out how they have reached such extraordinary acclaim. “One special fact that makes this team stand out is Mrs. Page fosters an environment of positivity. She believes in empowering her girls to become leaders and teaches them to embrace the differences among the team.”

The athletic accomplishment, brilliant choreography, superior danceability, and awesome creative scope showcased off by the Emerald Belles in this video is something that you have to see to believe. Their epic high kick routine at the Showmakers of America Dance Competition has won over viewers around the world, and it’ll blow you away too!

Dancers Transform Into A Human Kaleidoscope With Amazing High Kick Routine