Dancing Violinist Performs ‘Carol Of The Bells’ Spellbinding Music Video

Carol of the Bells By Lindsey Stirling‘Carol of the Bells’ arrives right off Lindsey Stirley’s hot Christmas album ‘Warmer in the Winter’ to prove just how eclectic, upbeat, and electric violin performance can be. Taking the timeless carol and turning it into an act of art and beauty, Lindsey has truly elevated this song for the best holidays ever.

There’s no stopping the flow of powerful feeling that comes from this unique rendition of a classical song, on a conventionally classical medium. The product? Contemporary violin at its best, and a fine addition to any seasonal collection or holiday playlist. From the choreography to the sublime videography, it’s a pure hit.

You have never heard ‘Carol of the Bells’ performed quite like this. Lindsey Stirling is well-known for reinventing iconic songs favored across the ages, but this is a carol that appears made for this artist. It is one of Lindsey’s personal favorite holiday tracks, emotion & power, which can clearly be heard and felt in this amazing music video.

Dancing Violinist Performs \'Carol Of The Bells\' Spellbinding Music Video