Darci Lynne Stuns with Italian Opera on America’s Got Talent Champions Finals

Darci Lynne

‘America’s Got Talent’ Champions Finals saw incredible singer Darci Lynne Farmer perform the Italian opera song “O Mio Babbino Caro.” The results were unbelievable.

Darci Lynne

They do a quick interview with Darci Lynne in the beginning before they show her performance. She says returning to ‘AGT’ was just as nerve-racking as the first time she ever went on stage.

Darci Lynne says she’s scared to return because she wants to blow the roof off the place with another performance. She wants to have a new chance to win it all again.

The judges smile as she walks out on stage with her rabbit in a pink dress, who begins to talk, saying, “Oh my carrots, oh my carrots. Look at all these people.” Then, the puppet asks if the people in the balcony can hear her by doing an impressive echo that sounds perfectly real.

Howie says, “That’s amazing!” Darci Lynne asks, “Petunia, what are you going to sing today?” The puppet responds, “I’m going to sing Italian opera.” Petunia speaks in a comically dramatic tone.

Darci Lynne

Then, Petunia begins to sing in a strong, high-pitched opera tone, and the crowd stands and applauds immediately. Simon laughs because he’s surprised, and he is in awe of Darci’s mastery.

She ends with a high note with a strong vibrato, and the judges give a standing ovation. Simon says, “Wow, wow, wow, Darci! I actually believe this, for so many reasons, is the best ever performance you’ve ever given.” Simon says, “It’s one thing to sing opera as good as you did, but you did it through a rabbit!” The crowd laughs, and so does Darci. Her performance is one for the ages.

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Darci Lynne Stuns with Italian Opera on America\'s Got Talent Champions Finals