Daring young girl with lightning-fast reflexes challenges famous drummer (and she crushes him)

Nandi Bushell has impressive percussion talents. And she might just get the attention of one of rock’s biggest stars.

Whether you’ve heard of the ‘Foo Fighters’ or not, Nandi Bushell will make you an even bigger fan. She’s a young girl with a talent for percussion.

Her drumming abilities were on full display in a video where she covers the song ‘Everlong’. Before she even carved up the kit, she even challenged frontman Dave Grohl to a drum-off.

Of course, Dave Grohl is the lead singer of the group. But prior to that, he was the drummer for the legendary grunge rock band ‘Nirvana’.

Will Dave answer the challenge? And will he also grant young Nandi her dream of jamming with her favorite band of all time?

Only time will tell. But for young Nandi, all we can say is keep those drum sticks warm…you might need them when you least expect it.