Darling Capuchin Monkey Throws The Most Adorable Tantrum That Left Me In Absolute Stitches

It can be more than confusing when it comes to temper tantrums. It’s not always easy to see why someone opposes an idea or thought that you may have. Yet, time and time again we find ourselves in situations where someone just gets to a level of frustration that is beyond comprehension. It’s frustrating when you don’t get your way, sure, it’s even more frustrating for someone to rub it in your face. In these times, it’s important to try and see the problem if you can. Get your mind in a problem-solving state, instead of a problem seeking state. It’s this difference that will take you far in life. Yet, when you are young it can be very hard to differentiate between something you want and something someone says you can’t do.

Frustration comes with the territory of learning. It can be less than gratifying to misunderstand or be mistaken. It’s still frustrating not to get your way, but in these instances, if you’re on the outside, it can also be amazingly adorable. It comes from a place of admiration. They want to understand so badly, they want their way so much that it brings them to tears. Or one of the better options of a temper tantrum. These can be amazingly adorable and can make you forget about what the issue was entirely. Sometimes, it’s best to just sit back and watch it all unfold. When it comes to one precious capuchin monkey, I know I couldn’t stop the overwhelming sense of awe.

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