A Darling Cat Plays Game! When You Watch Kitty Play Patty Cake Alone? Laughing So Hard!

Cats will never stop being awesome. They have a special quality about them that just screams love me. At least…. Some do. Others I would exercise caution towards getting close. Some cats can be rather temperamental or unsure, as they read or pick up whatever someone is giving off. A vibe that determines whether you will get the purr or the claws. Cats have been known for their cuteness, of course, but also the way their brains work. Cat’s brains are constantly in a different wave than us. Predominantly, cat’s brains work in the alpha wave. This difference is highlighted and noted whenever someone interacts with a cat.

In Gary’s case, we find that he has his own set of concerns or fun habits that he enjoys doing. He seems to go out of his way to make sure that he can do his favorite thing in the whole wide world. While some cats prefer to play in tubes or cylinders, on top of scratching posts or places that they maybe shouldn’t be. That’s neither here nor there.

Yet Gary seems to have a lot of things going for him. His hilarious antics amuse not only his parents, but other animals around him. When you se the look on his adorable little face, and the speed and agility he uses to get to where he wants to go, you’ll be amazed. His prowess must be very strong and man does he have some crazy hopping abilities.

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