David Archuleta Performs “The Prayer,” But When His Friend Joins, Him It’s Amazing

Most of you probably remember David Archuleta, the runner up on a season of American Idol from a few years ago. David was a strong fan favorite, for good reason. He made it all the way to the finals of a very difficult and fierce competition, but in the end he lost to David Cook. For a while after the competition, David seemed a bit lost as to what to do with his life, but he has an amazing voice and great talent, so now he is back on the entertainment scene and is stronger than ever. You’re going to be amazed by his voice in his Christmas release from last year.

David worked in conjunction with a close friend of his, Nathan Pacheco, to make their own version of the emotional song, “The Prayer”. The video below shows them doing their personal rendition of the song, and it is one of the most compelling moments of his career. You might want to get your tissues ready.

Part of what makes this rendition so moving is that David makes sure to show that his devotion to god is his main motivation for composing this version of the song. Their voices meld together to create a beautiful and moving version of “The Prayer” in a way you’ve never heard before. The way their voices resonate and amplify each other is almost mesmerizing, and I’m sure you’re going to be enchanted by it just as much as I was when I watched it.

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