Dean Martin Joins Johnny Carson And Bob Hope On Stage. I Was Cracking Up Immediately.

People remember a time when late night television was really a fun event to stay up for. Johnny Carson and his guests made people laugh with a lot of humor that made it necessary that it was shown on late night. This video, for example, has several instances of beeped-out bad language. Even Carson said something naughty at one point. It just made everyone crack up. Here’s another fantastic interview.

Dean Martin makes his way onto the stage, his everpresent drink in his left hand and a cigarette in his right. This was a time when the restrictions were a lot looser about what guests could do on stage. Heck, Carson tries to sneak a puff of a cigarette while Martin’s talking. Bob Hope is also swigging from a huge mug. They spend some time reminiscing about the last time they got together, which was that legendary episode I recently wrote about.

What made this so great was that Hope knew when to say something and when to lay back. One time when Martin was being even sillier than usual, looking around and asking what everyone was doing, Hope just looked at him from the other chair and deadpanned, “I’m waiting for a bus.” Martin even chides Carson one time, “HEY! WHY DON’T YOU STOP ME WHEN I’M YELLING LIKE THIS?” The usually unflappable Carson gives him the most wonderfully befuddled look.

I think that Martin loved to do this to Carson since it made the notorious control freak even more uncomfortable than usual. Dino was the galloping horse that couldn’t be stopped and “Ol’ John” was the rider hanging desperately onto the reins, barely able to steer the fast-moving equine in the direction that he wanted. He surely breathed a sigh of relief as that segment ended.

Martin was a character, that’s for sure. What was your favorite moment of his on talk shows? Tell us all about it in the comments section. Also, please “like” us on Facebook.

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