Dean Martin joins The Mills Brothers to sing their hit song ‘Paper Doll’

Dean Martin and The Mills Brothers

‘The Dean Martin Show’ ran from 1965 to 1974 and featured many talented guests with a healthy dose of Dean mixed in. One of the most memorable performances came from Dean’s idols, ‘The Mills Brothers,’ who took the stage to sing their hit ‘Paper Doll.’

Dean Martin and The Mills Brothers

After a loving introduction from Dean, The Mills Brothers take center stage in tuxedos. Dean joins them and talks about their 43 years in show business. Dean quips, ‘You’ll be singing for another 43 years…until you get it right!’ The audience cracks up.

Then, the brothers try to show Dean how to impersonate the sound of musical instruments. They instruct him on how to cup his hands and make trumpet or trombone sounds. After providing excellent examples, Dean tries it himself and fails. The audience again shares a laugh at Dean’s expense.

Dean Martin

Dean tells the brothers how much he’s enjoyed their music over the years and asks if he can sing one of his favorites with them. The brothers agree, and they begin ‘Paper Doll’ with a soft instrumental accompaniment.

The Mills Brothers and Dean trade lead lines and smile back and forth. Verse 2 kicks in with a big band sound and the singers clapping along. They are swaying and enjoying the moment together.

Dean Martin and The Mills Brothers

The Mills Brothers were initially named ‘The Four Kings of Harmony,’ which is quite fitting because of their fantastic vocals. They made over 2,000 recordings in their career while receiving 36 gold records!

It is rare to see superstars performing together. There was no one bigger than Dean Martin and The Mills Brothers in the early years of pop music. The two powerhouses of music came together for an unforgettable rendition of ‘Paper Doll.’

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Dean Martin joins The Mills Brothers to sing their hit song \'Paper Doll\'