This Dedicated and Loving Son Brought His Parent to TEARS! The Smart Young Soldier’s Plan to Help!

Serving in the military is a tough thing to do. The schedules, the drill sergeants, the intensive training to mold you into a capable, functional and when necessary, lethal individual. To train to kill is not easy, nor is taking a life. Many soldiers lose themselves when serving the battlefields of a foreign nation. The threat of attack and the anxiety of coming back- it’s all madness! Yet millions still sign up and serve their country with heroism and bravery. With the army paying for most schooling as well as the initial bonus and monthly pay, it can certainly be a good-looking offer.

Jose Cordova was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He enlisted in the army to serve his country with honor and valor. He learned many new skills and got in the best shape of his life. He was sent to Afghanistan as well as Iraq and continues to serve to this day. Jose grew up in the home his parents still live in. While he was overseas fighting dutifully for his country, Jose thought back to the house he grew up in. He thought of the fun times he lived in the house. he had playing with his sisters, his neighbors and hanging out with friends. He thought of boiling summers in Phoenix, running after the ice cream truck and beating the summer heat.

I spoke to a man from Afghanistan a while back who said he moved to Arizona to beat the heat of his native country. I was blown away by this, someplace hotter than Arizona aside from Death Valley? The thought had never crossed my mind.

While Jose was serving overseas he received disturbing new from his family. Before the housing bubble popped Jose’s, father was let go from his job. He worked tirelessly, but the family’s house was soon in foreclosure. Tragic and terrible news reached Jose, which shocked and worried the caring son. With much thought, he began to put together a plan to get their house back. When the house went to auction, Jose tried to buy for less than the asking price. When the home owner hears this brave soldiers story, you’ll never believe what happens.
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