Depressed, lonely bulldog stared all day at kennel walls – until this happened

If you’re a homeless pooch of advancing years, it can be extremely difficult to find you a loving home as you enter the twilight of your life. Tragically, more often than not, your final days will be spent in a kennel or animal shelter, without ever really finding a loving home.

It was shaping up like this was on the cards for aging bulldog Princess, who was getting long in the tooth and had spent nearly 1000 days in kennels. She had been passed from pillar to post, and it seemed that nobody wanted to show her the kind of love and kindness she so desperately wanted. As ever with older dogs in animal shelters, families are reluctant to take them – knowing that they don’t have much longer left.

As it was with Princess, who was becoming so depressed she would simply stare at the kennel walls, day in day out. Princess wasn’t having any luck at all in finding a new family, and she was first put into care back in January 2013. Apparently, her family at the time was moving home and didn’t want to take her with them! How horrible can you be? Imagine leaving your loving family pet behind?! These people should be ashamed of themselves!

Princess was immediately put on the pound’s kill list on account of her old age, and it looked like it was to be a sad end to the poor dog tumultuous life. That is until shelter worker Elena decided to step in at the last minute and try to find Princess a forever home. At least to make sure her last days were spent in love and comfort – since she had been denied it for so long.

With Elena’s care, Princess started to come out of her shell and revealed that she is still full of life for an ol’ gal! She loves people and loves playing outside when she gets the energy. But she also adores food – and is something of a couch potato! We hear ya loud and clear Princess! Pass the Pringles!

Elena and the shelter made a heart-wrenching video to try and find someone that would take Princess this late in her life, as it seemed that nobody was going to come forward – and Elena didn’t have the means to adopt the aging pooch herself. But thankfully, at what seemed like the 11th hour, a family responded to Princess’ plight and took her in – finally giving her the loving home that she so desperately craved. Next time you’re thinking of adopting – remember that older dogs are people too!