Desperate Pet Owner Offers His Home As A Reward For Finding His Lost Chihuahua

Losing a pet is heartbreaking. We love our pets like family, and the thought that you might never see them again is devastating! Eddie Collins, from Arizona, has been tirelessly searching for his dog ever since she disappeared.

He has visited the dog pound every day since Jenny, a two-year-old Chihuahua, went missing from a nearby Circle-K gas station. He has stood on the corner of the street and even offered a cash reward for her safe return. None of those efforts were successful, so he has sweetened the pot.

Eddie is now offering his home, and the land it sits on, to anyone who can reunite him with his dog. He is even willing to throw in the workshop, and all with no questions asked. To him, it is worth far less than his relationship with Jenny.

Eddie loves his dog very much. His hands shake as he holds the fliers, and his dedication to finding her is admirable. Would you be willing to give up your home for a pet you loved? Eddie thinks the trade will be well worth it, and I hope he finds her soon.