Dick Van Dyke Is In His 90’s, But He Still Has It! Just Watch Him Prove It!

Just watching this brings back so many memories of Dick Van Dyke. He has been an actor and a dancer for a long time. When he was in his 80’s I thought surely he would slow down, but no! He is a dynamo and I must say: MORE POWER TO HIM! If only we could all be that lively and energetic by 90!

Van Dyke and his wife enjoyed the music of young bluegrass/swing band The Dustbowl Revival so much that they invited the band to Dick’s home to film the music video.

In the video below Dick stars in the band’s first single “Never Had To Go.” Watch Dick Van Dyke prove he can still move like he did back in his Mary Poppins days! He’s so contagious that you can’t watch it without tapping your toes to the beat.

Just look at all of them go — especially Dick! Just watching this brings a smile to my face and sparks all those memories of him across all those years. Just watch: