Dick Van Dyke Is In His 90’s, But He Still Has It! Just Watch Him Prove It!

Dick Van DykeMuch-loved singer and actor, Dick Van Dyke, still has that wow-factor even now, in his 90s. The fun-loving legend and his wife invited the bluegrass-swing band, “The Dustbowl Revival”, into their home to film the music video for the band’s first single, “If I Had To Go”.

While the band played their music on the patio, Dick Van Dyke danced the whole way through the number.

Dick Van DykeHe pops up in the kitchen with a mischievous grin, trying to lure his wife who is cooking at the stove to join him. With every smile and a shake of her head, Dick tries another adorable ploy from his jolly bag of tricks to entice her away from the kitchen.

Never slowing for a moment, Dick dances on, keeping in perfect time to the music, with the characteristic moves that bring back warm memories from his Mary Poppins days. With a head full of hair and a smile full of teeth, Dicks famous charisma has never shone brighter.

Soon he has his wife dancing and tapping to the music and the two of them dance their way out to the join the band on the patio to finish the number with a flourish. For a person of his years, Dick’s energy is truly remarkable.

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Dick Van Dyke Is In His 90\'s, But He Still Has It! Just Watch Him Prove It!