The Difficult Life of One Orphan, The Pain of Not Belonging. How One Family Changed Everything.

Being an orphan is no easy gig. It’s filled with so many different feelings and emotions. From feeling unwanted, to not having a structure of support. It can be a sad and lonely life, with terrible outcomes. Some never get the chance to really find their parents or even at the most basic, somewhere they belong. To not have some form of support, or even to grow up feeling alone in the world, with no one seeing any value in you or of you, seems to lead to loveless relationships, shallow interactions, and massive depression. Family is where it all really starts, without one, I can’t imagine where I’d be.

Such was the case with Seth Miller. At the age of two, Miller was put up for adoption. Eleven long years of being in and out of foster homes left him with a bad taste in his mouth. Even worse was one of the initial families where he suffered the abuse that left him feeling colder than the young man thought possible.
At eighteen, Miller “aged out” of the orphanage. This led him to living out of his car. The young homeless teen wasn’t in great shape emotionally, with no one in the world, it seemed wanting him. All he wanted was family. Out of all the things in the world he could have a choice of having. “Family,” he restated to reporters documenting the kids story.

With the help of a court appointed special advocate, Virginia Barret, she found a place that he could possibly life short term. Though, it was clear that he didn’t want that. He wanted family. Through more thorough digging, she found the family that adopted his biological sister Shyann.

Ara Hunt was the adoptive mom and when approached by Barret for a meeting with the young adult she was adamant in her response of “no.” However, when Miller went to the local news with his story, an unlikely decider in the adoption watched with a sense of admiration. Robert Hunt deemed he was of good character and if she would only give him a chance, they could maybe be a family.

This story really brought tears to my eyes. When you see the court hearing, man will your eyes water! Share this story of amazing perseverance and watch the closing of this brave young adult’s hearing!

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