Disabled Dog Fought Through Her Hardships, And Reunited With Her Human Dad! AWW

We love showing you amazing stories that feature heroes and fighters surviving through hardships together, because it’s something that can liven up anyone’s day in a matter of seconds. The story featured in the video below is a one of a kind event, and it will make your heart melt since the very start. Watching people that fought bravely is already touching enough, but when you add brave and resilient pups to the equation, it makes for something completely extraordinary!

The doggy in the video is named Emma, and it’s a real special and one of a kind dog. She has an amazing heart, and the strength and resilience that most people would want to have themselves. She’s a warrior, and a very persistent fighter, because she was born with a condition that makes her unable to use her legs and walk properly.

She has never let this hold her back, though, and when you see her by yourself, you know that she has lived her life as fully and as happily as she deserves to, just like any other dog would. And it’s all thanks to her amazing family, which includes her amazing human dad, an Air Force official who was deployed to fight in the Middle East a few months ago, to Emma’s dismay.

You can see their amazing and touching reunion in the video right below. Share it if you love it!


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