This Disabled Mini Horse Was Going To Be Put On Death Row, But When His Owner Did THIS? WOW!

Roozer “Roo” Brewz was born in Kansas City in 2011. He is a dwarf miniature horse standing just 19 inches tall. This poor guy had many health issues that included severe angular limb deformities and tendon laxity on all four of his legs. It made it very hard for him to walk or even stand. He had “windswept” legs due to his position while in the womb.

Fortunately, Roo was born to some attentive pet parents who stayed by his side through all the trouble. They helped him live a normal life. Owner Christine says, “After being recommended to euthanize him, we came home so I could do some soul searching. I sat on the ground, cross-legged in the dirt and watched him whizz by me running with his legs bandaged. I respect the veterinarian’s opinion and knew that if I made that choice to go against what the recommendation was, I was in it for the long haul.”

Well, Christine did go against the vet’s recommendation to euthanize him, and now he’s a happy, healthy miniature horse who can run and play and who is dearly loved. At the beginning of this video, he looks almost like a dog, sleeping in the house in his own special bed. His legs are bandaged to make them the shape they are supposed to be.

As he gets a bit older, still wearing bandages, he is also getting stronger. He’s running and playing with toys in the house and outside. The music for this clip really sets the tone perfectly, too.

The video below shows Roo’s amazing will to live and it features his one-year journey from a struggling newborn to a strong survivor. Watch it below and let us know what you thought about it in the comments!

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