Discover the Future Size of Your Puppy with This Guide

A skilled, talented animator has put together a spectacular size comparison of purebred dogs. They go from the smallest to the biggest pups, which look realistic. It is so neat how they put the flag of the country each dog comes from beside them. There is also a comparison of dog height and human height. The video does an excellent job of getting you interested in which dog is the tallest.

The background music builds up the suspense regarding which one will emerge as the top dog. The only thing is that a couple of breeds need to be included. The loveable Shitz Zu is not in the video, nor is the Pitbull. There may be others missing as well. It is hard to believe that there are dogs larger than the Cane Corso, as they are huge pups. There are also some breeds in the video you may not know.

The Saint Bernard is another large canine, standing 41 inches tall. One big surprise is that the Irish Wolfhound is larger than the Great Dane, who is known for their tall, elegant height. The Irish Wolfhound is a whopping 45 inches tall. Returning to the smallest, the adorable Yorkshire comes only 7.8 inches tall, and the Chihuahua is only a little bit bigger at 9 inches.

The dogs are all measured from the grass to the top of their heads. Another funny thing in the video is that the Golden Retriever is the only dog in the group who is lying down. The other pups are all standing up proud. Watch this video if you like to learn about dogs and if you are curious to know the height of each pup.

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Discover the Future Size of Your Puppy with This Guide