You’ll Be Fascinating By This Natural Saltwater Ecosphere In A Jar

This video shows YouTuber’ Life in Jars?’ making a natural saltwater ecosphere in an airtight jar. You’ll see some seawater and sand straight from the ocean get scooped up and sealed away, along with a few crustaceans and a type of worm. Here’s hoping that this ecosphere is going to grow shrimp, but only time will tell.

This ocean in a jar hopefully contains algae spores that will grow on the glass, managing the bioload without any problems, thanks to it being very small. Most of the beach sand is heavy in bioload, leaving ample nutrients for the organisms to thrive without needing to add anything to the jar.

With everything needed for life sealed in a jar, this saltwater ecosphere is off to a great start. It’s going to take time to see what is growing within the water, but the process of collecting and creating the biome sure is relaxing and inspiring. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself building your own ecosphere after
watching this.