Do Honeybees Have To Die When They Sting You?

A Little Patience Can Save A Bee’s Life After They Sting YouOne brave man allowed several bees to sting him. He does this to show us all a foolproof method for limiting your pain with a beesting and allow the bee to survive after it has stung you.

Arvin Pierce is a nature lover and honey bee advocate. He wanted to show the world that there is a way to keep bees from dying when they sting you. The trick is to have a little patience and to let them work their way free by rotating their stinger out of your skin.

When you allow this to happen, several important things occur. First, the animal doesn’t have to tear its body in an effort to escape. When they tear their abdomen from their thorax, this causes irreparable damage to the insect and they perish.

Second, the abdomen is not left attached to the stinger. It’s the abdomen that pumps most of the painful venom into your skin through the stinger. By keeping the animal safe, you actually limit the amount of pain you will experience from the bee sting.

One appreciative fan explained how much she learned from watching this video: “I love this video! My 4-year-old son asked why do bees die when they sting. I found this video and we both learned something new. Thanks for taking the time to create this I really appreciate it.”

Do Honeybees Have To Die When They Sting You?