Dog Beats Cancer And Then Gets Present Of A Lifetime On His Birthday! Watch This Reaction.

Sometimes there’s a dog that touches hundreds of people. This is one of those stories and one of those dogs. It’s always amazing to see stories like this one.

Wallace the Pit Bull, celebrates his 11th birthday with a bang. Seven months prior to this video, Wallace was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and was given 2 weeks to three months to live if he doesn’t get chemotherapy.

However, Wallace is still alive and kicking on his birthday even though he didn’t undergo treatment. People from all over the country sent Wallace a box full of toys to show their love and support for him.

There’s nothing more satisfying for a dog than the love and support of people. He felt them for sure. You’ll be able to feel it too.

Wallace was an unwanted shelter dog turned Champion Frisbee Dog. He passed away a year following his diagnosis. I’m glad he had a great last few months of his life with the love and support of people from all over the world.

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