Dog becomes protector of special needs kitten! This is the cutest video you will watch today!

We are all about interspecies friendships! They are incredibly endearing and motivational, however this pair is particularly special. The Dog in this clip befriended a kitten with special needs and the result is quite frankly awe-inspiring. I personally love seeing animals getting close in order to get the best out of life, their kindness is amazing.

Meet Ralphee, the adorable kitten, she has a condition known as Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which is a neurological disorder that she was born with. But Ralphee need not worry about being taken care of because she has made quite the friend in Max, a cattle dog who has befriended Ralphee after she was rescued and has now become her protector.

As this video shows, Max seems to always be on hand to watch over Ralphee. Ralphee spends a great deal of time jumping around and bobbing her head back and forth. Max’s owner had rescued Ralphee and brought her home where she is now Max’s companion.

Max may stare at Ralphee at times as if he wonders why she carries on so, but its obvious he is devoted to her and is there to care for her at all times.

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