This dog can sing Whitney Houston’s “I will always Love You” and blows the judges minds!

It is without doubt that there are animals with amazing and unbelievable skills. You won’t know what to make of this dog’s breathtaking performance in “Belgium’s Got talent.” He stuns everyone, audience and judges alike, with his unique talent. What is amazing is the fact that this dog is actually singing! This is the feel good clip of the year for sure!

Personally I know that dogs are incredibly smart animals from my experience with training my own three puppies. But even knowing what I know I was still very skeptical here when it seemed like I was being told that a dog could actually sing. Well I’m here to tell you now with God as my witness that I was dead wrong to doubt it.

At the beginning I really did have massive trouble believing that this video was actually real. But just check out this dog that is ready to take his act on the road. His owner walks him up on stage of “Belgium’s Got Talent” and they begin to listen to “I Will Always Love You” by wonderful and very missed Whitney Houston. Watch and listen and be simply amazed as this pooch does an incredible job of singing right along and keeping up with the changes.

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