Dog Cruelly Tortured By Neighborhood Kids! How Saving One Terrified Pit, Saved Another Soul.

Generalizations can be good for information, but not for living people. A summary that high lights the bad and the good usually end with the bad being focuses on. Weighing the options on whether to interact or be a part of someone’s life based on the based and negatives, kind of tends to defeat the purpose. Don’t take someone else’s opinion. Make your own through trial and error.

Some clichés and phobias stand solid in some areas; however, most tend to be flawed and based on personal experience. To say that a breed of dog is aggressive is to focus on that one event. That one story. The singular or few times that you’ve heard something bad or violent about pit bulls, are limited to a handful of occurrences. You’re completely forgetting the other side of it, the thousands of times that a dog has protected or loved their owners with the utmost care and joy. Because it really matters more of how an animal is cared for and treated. This goes back to the bible. “treat others how you would like to be treated.” With this we find that many of the stories we hear about an animal attacking becomes so over popularized that that becomes the personal fable we tell ourselves.

One pit bulls story will shatter your heart. Cruel children decided to throw rocks at Buddha, one Pitbull rescued by Hopes for Paws and Ace Rescues. Words can’t really describe how scared or how rewarding this organization is.

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