Dog Found In Deep Ravine Nursing An Orphaned Kitten! WOW!

For days on end, a concerned South Carolinian heard a dog barking deep in the thick brush of North Pointe Creek. When animal control officer Michelle Smith arrived to investigate, she was shocked by her discovery.

Officer Smith found a small black and white dog on the opposite side of a ravine behind a Home Depot. Following the dog’s howls, Officer Smith climbed down to retrieve the pup. When she made it to the bottom, she found the dog nursing a tiny baby kitten. As it turned out, the dog could easily walk up the embankment on her own, but she refused to leave the kitten alone and couldn’t manage the trek up the steep embankment with the kitten in her mouth — thus the constant barking for assistance.

It was clear the dog had adopted the orphaned kitten, cleaning and tending to her like her very own puppy. The kind hearted officer rescued both animals and took them to Anderson County P.A.W.S. Vets believed the dog’s body was going through a “pseudo pregnancy” where she was producing milk to keep the kitten alive.

Follow the story below to find out what happened to this unlikely mother-daughter duo…

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