Dog Goes Missing For 8 Months. His Family Is About to Give Him The Best Present Ever!

I know what losing a pet is. When you’re an adult, you can rationalize the whole thing. This makes it easier to accept. Losing a pet for many people is like losing a loved one, a family member. For me, losing a pet was a very tough experience. I was about eight years old when I lost him and I could never get him back. I had planned a lot of things to do with him that I couldn’t do.

There is a very special bond between a boy and his dog. A dog may not speak but a boy will always feel he understands. You might be sad for some reason, and the dog will come up to you and try to cheer you up. Dogs are very empathic animals and will try to distract you if they feel you really need it. For some kids, losing their pet is something they cannot leave behind. There are many ways of coping with it like counseling. Remember that not all children can make friends as easily. A dog can be their only friend.

This was the case with a little boy named Rocco. Rocco had a dog named Jack. They were inseparable friends. Rocco’s parents noticed from the very beginning the special bond they shared. Rocco would like to take walks with his dog and talk to him. Sometimes, he would pretend the dog would answer back. If you asked Rocco, Jack always knew what to do to cheer him up.

This special friendship seem that it would last forever. One day, the unthinkable happened. As Rocco was playing with his dog, Jack got lost. Rocco tried looking for Jack everywhere. He told his parents and they all looked for Jack with no results. Several days passed, but Rocco still had faith that they would find him. Rocco would dream that his dog would just come up to the house one day and greet him.

A week after his dream, a friend of the family was at a gas station. He sees a stray dog walking up to him. When he gets closer, he realizes it is Jack. He calls his family and they come up with a plan to let Rocco know in a very unique way. They take Jack to Rocco’s house and once the dog is there, they tell Rocco that they have a present for him. Although kids love presents, getting one would not be the same without Jack. Deep down he didn’t want anything, he just wanted his dog back.

In his dream, Jack had come back to him. He knew that it was only a dream. It had been months since his dog got lost and Rocco knew there was very little chance of ever getting him back. Anyway, Rocco goes outside to where his present is. Little does he know today he’s getting the best present he could ever ask for. Have a box of Kleenex ready, this is going to get teary!