This Dog Hated People, But Everything Changed When She Was Taken To The Shelter!

The workers of Animal Alliance of New Jersey were shocked when they found a severely matted, injured dog that was unable to walk properly and badly malnourished on the streets of Philadelphia. The dog, called Izzy, was taken to the shelter where her healing began.

After they shaved off all her matted coat, the doctors discovered that the dog had a massive infection and open sores. From that moment she was on the road to recovery.

After months of due care and good feeding, Izzy revived and became a completely different dog. Her recovery is truly magnificent! After her complete rehabilitation, the dog was put up for adoption, where she met five-year-old girl, named Chloe, and her parents. The family adopted the dog and Izzy’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging since she joined those wonderful people! The bond that Izzy and Chloe formed is undeniable – the dog didn’t trust anyone until this little girl came along.

What a pleasant moment it was, when this family could finally give Izzy the love she truly deserves. Adoption is always the best option!

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