This Dog Has The Most Hilarious Reaction When He Finds Out His Family Is Getting A New Kitten

Adding new members to the family is an exciting moment for everyone involved, especially our pets. If you have only one pet in your house, you might think that they enjoy constantly being the center of attention for the family. But then again, who are they going to talk to when everyone else has left the house? We might not think about it much, but our furry little friends are just dying for a close and relatable friend to talk to. Sure, humans are pretty great to be around, but every now and then our pet dogs and cats could use a friend or friends that are just a little closer to their own size.

In this video, a dad is telling his family’s dog that they are going to the pet store to get a new pet. This adorable little dog is riddled with curiosity trying to figure out what this new pet might be. It might be a cat or a mouse. It could possibly be a gerbil. Intense worry creeps in when the possibility of it being something like a snake is presented. The tension is just way too much, and there is this funny little sound that he keeps hearing that sounds so strange and familiar. What could that possibly be? Suddenly, his dad gives him a clue. He thinks he might be onto something. He thinks he might actually have this mystery figured out. Finally, he has the answer. It’s a kitten. He is so excited.

Words just can’t express how happy this dog is. He just has to go and meet his new sibling. When he finally finds out that it is a kitten, his reaction is absolutely priceless. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this was as hilarious as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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