Dog Has Hysterical Reaction When She’s Told To Leave Lake. I Couldn’t Stop Laughing.

It happens to all of us. We’re having a blast wherever we are and then we get the dreaded words, “It’s time to go.” I’ve seen adults act like toddlers when it comes to this… OK, it was me. I didn’t want to leave the no-hitter in progress! But animals can act like this too. Take this video of a dog who makes a two-year-old child look rational by comparison when told that it’s quittin’ time for the day.

Bella is a German Shepherd who is having WAY too much fun at a lake. She’s in the water when her mommy says that it’s time to go home. This makes her VERY unhappy and she expresses that displeasure vocally. She also keeps snapping at the water and whining. This is one girl who wants to stay put. Her mommy keeps repeating in a firm voice that it’s time to go home. After about two minutes she finally gives up and leaves the lake.

It wouldn’t have surprised me to hear Bella’s mommy say, “Are you kidding me? I have to drag your butt to the bathtub to clean you, but I can’t get you out of here?” Bella looked like she was trying to bring the lake with her to the car to take it home. She did NOT want to go. Maybe she also sensed a fish or something nearby that she wanted to catch. The real kicker was when she wanted to swim out some.

This was like watching a mommy try to get a human toddler home after swimming. “Time to go home.” “NO! WANNA STAY!” “It’s getting late.” “TOO BAD! STAY!” Only threatening to leave them there works… no, we would never leave our child there. But it’s just a nudge. Bella is too big for her mommy to physically drag her out. If she was a Chihuahua, I could see it happening. Not here. It just took repeating and not giving in.

What would you do in this situation? I’d have a leash ready or something. Tell us how you would have handled it in the comments section.

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