This Dog Looks Big And Fierce. Her Story? It Will Make You Cry Rivers!

The thought of being deserted and on your own is terrifying. Los Angeles-based animal rescue group, Hope for Paws received a call about a dog abandoned in a secluded location. The poor animal was stranded by her owners and left all alone. Because of fear, this pit bull (who is named Bunny) had crawled onto a no-access government property. So her rescue got even tougher.

But by luck, the rescuers managed to capture her and lead her to safety. This is such a heart-warming and touching video. When they brought Bunny back to the shelter, it was plain as water that all she wanted was to be love. Animals need love as much as humans. They are our family and we should treat them as one!

Watch this beautiful rescue story of a beautiful dog. Let us know how you felt watching it in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!


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