Dog Looks On Worriedly As Mommy Tries To Sew Up Favorite Toy. Her Face At End Is PRICELESS.

It happens to all pet owners. They find one of their toys lying on the floor with grievous damage done to them. Perhaps the dog grabbed it at a weak point and shook their heads just a little to violently, which then tore some fabric… and made it seem like it was raining cotton for a little bit. Sometimes it’s unsalvageable, which means a quick toss in the trash, but there are other times when it can be saved. This video shows one of those incidences.

We see a dog named Abby sitting by a table while her mommy has what looks like a large stuffed giraffe on it. There’s a sewing kit nearby and she’s stitching up some parts of it by hand with a needle and some thread. The pooch is sitting there nervously watching this, waiting for her favorite toy to be handed back to her in pristine condition for her to begin playing with again.

It feels like Abby is sitting in a hospital waiting room while her favorite toy was in surgery. “Is he going to make it? I did do a number on him. Will the stitches hold together? Oh, please help him pull through. I won’t be as rough as I usually am with him, I promise. Wait. Is she finished? That was fast. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Did she give up on him? Hold on…. here he is.. YAY!!!!!!!”

Of course, dogs being dogs, that is probably not the first time, nor will it likely be the last time that Abby’s mommy with have to break out the sewing kit to repair another casualty of her rambunctious play. It’s not like this pooch is going to sit her toys at a table and pretend to play “Tea Time” with them. No… she’s a dog and her teeth are going to do more unintentional damage again. Then we’ll see this play out again.

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