This Dog Loves Going For A Ride In The Car, But His Owner Plays A Little Trick On Him!

Dogs love going to rise in the car. They love the wind rushing over the face; they love to let their town hang out. And they love all the foreign smells that they can experience as the car drives to its destination.

This dog loves getting in the car. He has a box that he crawls into that’s his space. Maybe he has been hanging out with cats, because they absolutely love boxes. Then dad decides to play a little trick on him. Dad replaces his normal box with one slightly smaller.

The first time this happens the dog just jumps into the box. But when dad does it again with a slightly smaller box? As the boxes get ever smaller the look on the dog’s face is simply hilarious. I like the way that the dog was looking at his dad at the very end of the video with this tiny, tiny box.

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