Dog-loving-neighbor solves a dogs peeking tom problem, puts canine-peephole in fence

Have you ever had a nosy neighbor that you just can’t get rid of? You know, the one that always has to make everything that is happening in the neighborhood their business. The one that came up to you and says, did you hear about Mrs. Smith down the road? Or, have you seen what Betty from number 62 has done to her hair? Now these people are normally just lonely, and usually don’t mean any harm, they are just desperate for a friend to talk to. Sadly though, these people can also cause problems and start rumors that may not necessarily be true.

The worst of this kind of pesky neighbor though is definitely the one who insists on looking over the fence while you are in your yard having fun with your family. They can become so annoying that you just don’t want to go outside for fear of being snooped on. You can just imagine what they are saying to the other people in the street about your backyard performance. Imagine what would happen should you have an argument outside, oh……the stories that would be told.

A young lady named Jennifer Bowman was having trouble with her neighbor Penny. Now Penny is no ordinary neighbor, she is in-fact a very cute German shepherd puppy whose insatiable inquisitiveness was becoming a problem. The problem that Jennifer was having was that every time she would be in her back yard playing with her own dog, Penny would jump up at the fence to try and get a glimpse of their antics. This was creating a two-fold problem. One, the noise from Penny’s-playful-peeping was getting just a little out of hand, and two, Jennifer was worried that the fence may not be able to handle the pounding from penny’s efforts to see what was happening.

Now our hero Jennifer, being an avid animal lover, decided that a solution had to be found. But what she came up with will just leave you smiling all-day-long. Jennifer didn’t want to complain to her friend and neighbor, let’s face it, Penny was just looking for a friend to play with, and so she came up with the perfect fix-up for this crazy-canine-caper. Her idea was so simple that I am sure people will be copying it all over the country.

What did she do? Simple, drill two holes in the fence so that Penny could look through and see all the fun that was being had. Oh……and one more thing……..a hole for the snout so that it won’t be to uncomfortable or difficult for Penny to get a birds-eye-view of all of the action. Click on the link below and have a laugh at Jennifer’s clever, yet simple idea to solve a problem that can affect all of us from time-to-time.