What This Dog Mom Does When She Is Reunited With Her Lost Puppies Is So Special

Imagine the pain that a mother feels when a child of hers is lost from her side. Even for dog mothers, this feeling can be completely horrible. One would think that a dog would forget about her puppies after a while, especially when they can recover their friendly and cheerful personalities after a few days of separation. But there’s something definitely missing in those mom’s hearts, and this video will show you what can happen when that hole is finally filled again.

Perhaps only the unluckiest dog parents have ever seen it, but dogs can actually cry, like humans do. I don’t mean the whimpering they do when they are in their grounded zone when they have misbehaved. I mean actual, sincere tears. Dogs have very powerful souls, and this mother dog will show it in such a way that it will bring you to tears. Dogs can exhibit many of the same emotions we do as humans, and we all recognize the happy wagging tail vs the sad tail between the legs. Dogs use every part of their body in different ways to show how they feel, and you will see how this mother dog shows joy.

Crying is very complex, it can be caused by sadness, by joy, or by a strange mix of those two feelings, and it’s one of those things that one must just experience instead of trying to comprehend it. We can only share the joy that this mom felt when she was reunited with her puppies, and we hope it reaches your heart.

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