This Dog Owner Tells His Pooch That He Adopted A Kitten, But Watch The Dog’s Response! Amazing!

There are many ways to spend your free time. For many of us we love to spend time with our pets, they are after all our best friends. We just adore our pets and literally can’t imagine our lives without them, they really do mean the world to us and we consider them part of our family. From the moment we get them we are simply addicted to them and they know it.

As pet owners, most of us, are extremely guilty of spoiling our pets. We buy them the best food we can afford, the softest beds and we make sure that they have an endless supply of toys and treats. We have even gone without ourselves just to make sure that they have everything that they need in order to be as comfortable as possible.

Many of us know that when you get one pet like a dog often time they get lonely. Dogs are very social animals and they love to have friends. Dogs normally do very well with other dogs around them and have been known to grow attachments to the other animals that occupy their household, which doesn’t necessary limit them to just dogs. There are quite a few dogs that have become very close with other animals like for example cats.

In this featured video you will meet one dog who is trying is hardest to get his dad to get him a cat. Now obviously this is not a talking dog, it is just a voice over, but what the creator of this video is trying to get people to do is go out and adopt an animal for your lonely pet at home. It’s a win win, your dog will get a friend to play with and you will be helping out a homeless animal, so what are you waiting for?

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