Max Refuses To Give Up Pacifier, But When Mom Tries To Get It Back, I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Dog and pacifierThere are not many sights more amusing than when a grown-up convincingly acts like a baby. Especially when that grown-up is a large, full-grown dog!

This happy-looking retriever named Max has come across a new toy and judging by his delighted expression, he seems to feel that it is a perfect fit. Needing no “How-to” operating instructions, the pacifier goes straight to ground zero – his mouth. And there it will stay if he has anything to say about it.

Dog and binkyHis mom is a good mother and she is no doubt concerned over the safety risks, so she tries to coax him to give up the pacifier. 

She asks nicely, and gently reaches for the pacifier. But the new owner of that pacifier firmly turns his head away. She tries again, and the determined canine slowly pushes her hand away with one big, hairy paw while she tries to keep from chuckling.

Not to be deterred, the dog’s owner keeps trying and each time as she reaches up to take his treasure, he presses her hand down again with his paw, as if to say, “I found it, it’s mine. Get your own!”

Hopefully, she is able to swap it for a more appropriate doggy toy that will also amuse the fluffy, big fur-baby.

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Max Refuses To Give Up Pacifier, But When Mom Tries To Get It Back, I Can\'t Stop Laughing!