This Dog Was About To Be Put Down. The Only Thing That Could Save Him? A Makeover!

A stray dog named Charlie was on the side of the road, wandering the streets alone. He was brought to a LA Area Shelter. The shelter was an overcrowded, high-kill facility. If Charlie wasn’t adopted quickly (within a week or so), he would have to be put down.

Charlie’s fur was matted up and tangled with painful burrs. Thankfully, Hollywood Grooming stepped in and decided to give him a makeover. You will not believe how Charlie looks when the groomer finished her job. He is like a whole new dog!

All dogs are beautiful, they just need a chance. If you are thinking of adopting a dog, please visit shelters so that you can save some lives.

Watch Charlie’s beautiful transformation! What are your thoughts about high-kill shelters? Share in the comments!

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