“This Dog and Soldier Were Separated For a Year! Now See What Happened at Their Reunion!”

When a soldier is assigned to work in a detail with a service dog they are told not to get too attach to the canine. But this is like telling a doctor not to get involved with a patient. In other words, it’s hard not to form a attachment especially when you go through such a harrowing experience with someone.

The man featured here is retired army Sergeant Jason Bros, and he worked along side service dog Cici finding bombs. However, when Jason’s tour of duty ended he had no choice but to leave Cici behind. She was still needed to continue working as a service dog.

Jason never forgot his beloved Canine companion and was determined to have her join him state side. One year late Jason finally got his wish and he was reunited with Cici. This video shows what happens when they reunite. Sure enough Cici remembers Jason and the two were quite happy to be back together after all this time apart.

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