Dog Wants To Take A Selfie With Her Owner, But Wait Till You See What She Does Next

The current generation of young people has often been dubbed as the “selfie generation” although I see people of all ages taking selfies, not just young people. But in this next clip, you will see an unlikely candidate for a selfie, but one who really wants to be in the picture, nonetheless. I think modern technology has made selfies easy and convenient, and quite rightfully so. I mean just look around you. Nobody needs your help with clicking pictures anymore. Everyone is happily satisfied with their front cameras, even old people, young people, even pets. Yes, pets! Take, for example, the hilarious little dog in this next video!

In the video, this dog owner was trying to take a selfie, and his very observant dog, Nelly, noticed it. I suspect Nelly has seen him take a lot of selfies before and knew exactly what was going on. But Nelly’s owner wasn’t prepared for what she did next! You are in for a huge surprise too! She decides to completely outshine her poor owner in the photos, and even he can’t stop laughing at her antics.  Sometimes that’s just the way it is when you have a talented performer of a pooch.

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